Body, Skin & Aesthetics

Treatments by Shannon

Lip Augmentation – with lip augmentation we can increase the volume of your lips and give you the perfect pout

Fine Lines & Wrinkles – we can reduce the common signs of ageing with our treatments 

Fat Dissolving – its a quick treatment to help remove unwanted augmentation 

Facial Augmentation – used to enhance the chin, jaw and cheeks by bringing balance to your face

Liquid Rhinoplasty – can reduce or increase the size of the nose by changing the shape or angles of the nose

Tear Trough – is the treatment for the groove that sits between the lower eye lid and cheek 

Nasolabial Folds – treatment for nasolabial folds (commonly known as smile lines)

Facials – beauty treatment for the full face

Dermaplaning – shaving away the top layers of your skin to help reduce unwanted hair

Skin Needling – used for rejuvenation – helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation 

Skin Boosters – delivers deep skin hydration giving you a natural glow or radiance

Chemical Peel – is a procedure where a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers of dead skin 

Vitamin B12 – is a supplement of the vitamin B12 to help treat conditions like anemia