On Arrival

On arrival you will be greeted by a member of staff

– For your first visit you will be required to fill in a medical history form and a few details about yourself including any concerns you may have.

— If you have had treatment with us before we would only require details about the concerns you have. You will only need to fill out a medical form if your medical conditions have changed since the last time you visited.


An aesthetician will take you through and a consultation will take place, they will ask you about your concerns and what you are looking to achieve.

On listening to this an analysis will take place and the best treatment option will be advised.


They’ll explain:

*How this works

*What the outcome would be

*How many treatments you’ll require

*How often 

*How it feels

*Pricing & offers


-If you’re happy with all the information you have received at the time of the consultation and wish to go ahead with treatment

You’ll then undergo a patch test before being booked onto the treatment.


–If you need more time to think about a treatment, you needn’t make any decisions on the day.

A consultation is just that and we understand if you want to go away and consider all the information you have been given.

On deciding that you are going ahead. When you come back, you’ll undergo a test patch before being booked onto the treatment.



Whatever treatment you choose will be carried out by a trained professional in a private room. We use top of the range Lynton manufactured machines which are medically graded and are the gold standard for safety and quality of treatment here in the UK.

Post Treatment

You would be advised on and given instructions on how to care for your skin post treatment.

You may be recommended products as part of your regime which a therapist would explain, how and when to use them.

You can book your next appointment and may be asked to leave a review once you leave satisfied and confident.